We Offer Shared Core AI Algorithm to facilitate computer vision application development

What we Offer

We are intelligence in action.

Automatic Visual Inspection Centre

Provides inspection services for bare PCB boards based on our AI-based inspection machine. On-demand Billing.

Global eMarketplace for PCB

For whom using our Machine, a group of high-quality PCB factories. We promote to related customers.

Monitoring Dashboard

Dashboard for order monitoring Customers can monitor the production progress remotely.

Ravamp & Machining

Revamp existing AVI machine with our AI software.

Why Choose Us

Illuminate PCB QC process with high intelligence.

01. Experienced

We focus in AI to enhance AVI accuracy over 10 years.


We enhance AVI machine accuracy from 40% to 92%.

03. Automations

Highly flexible for Integration into the PCB production line.

04. Lower cost

Each machine can replace 40 staff. Machine non-stop working 7/24.


Frequently Ask Questions.

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Automated Visual Inspection (AVI) Machine Automates Product Defect Detection with HD camera which aim to reduce human error and labour.

Artificial intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind.

AVI machines are expensive, and they don’t work well.  I buy them because customers expect to see machine-aided inspection in the factory.  My QC headcount stays high because the machines reject a lot of boards, ~60% are still good.

AI-AVI V1 is High accuracy Artificial Intelligence-based Automated Visual Inspection (AVI)
Automates Product Defect Detection System which accuracy more than 92%.